ABH (Augustin-Bea-House)

7 floors
20 residents per floor

RSH (Reinhold-Schneider-House)

6 floors
16 residents per floor

Residents' Room

The rooms are 12 square meters in size. The RSH also has two larger rooms, each of which is allocated on the floor. All our rooms are furnished and have a bed, a table and a chair, as well as a washbasin with warm water and a mirror cabinet. Not to be forgotten are the wardrobe and the shelf wall – there is a lot of stuff to be stored in them. So there is still enough space to give your room an individual design! Just have a look at our gallery below, where you will find some furnishing ideas.


Living Room

You want to get out of your own room? Wonderful: The heart of our dormitories are the living rooms. The equipment is in the hands of the floor communities – besides comfortable sofas and a TV, there are usually board games etc. You are sure to find someone among the 19 flatmates in the ABH or 17 in the RSH who will play a game with you, to whom you can tell your day, who will answer your questions, who will drink a cold beer with you, who will help you to cook spontaneously… So it’s worth stopping by!


The kitchens are equipped – from pots and whisks to corkscrews, from salad bowls to kitchen scales and even the occasional raclette grill, you will find everything that makes hearts beat faster. And the two cooking areas, each with four plates, are guaranteed to give you plenty of room to experiment (unfortunately, you have to do the dishes yourself afterwards). In order to provide all the ingredients and food (solid and liquid 😉 ) with the space they need, there are 3 refrigerators and 1 freezer on each floor.

Shower and WC

There are separate toilets on each floor. There are also several large showers with sufficient storage space in front of the actual shower cabin.
Although 12 people can fit in these (yes, this has been confirmed experimentally), a shower is usually only used by one person.
By the way, toilets and showers as well as living room, kitchen and hall are cleaned regularly by professional staff!


Learning Rooms

Well, even if the end of the semester is still a long way off – everyone has to start learning at some point. But in our beautiful study rooms it’s not so bad – after all, shared suffering is half suffering.


No matter whether you have a big car or just a bike: Your vehicle will definitely find a place. Thanks to a large private parking area behind the houses, finding a parking space takes neither time nor nerves. If you are looking for a parking space for your bike, you can currently choose between the numerous bicycle racks around the houses and the two bicycle cellars and bike sheds.


Meditation Room

The ABH and RSH are Catholic dormitories. Therefore there is a church service twice a semester with the university pastor of the KHG. These actually always take place in the meditation room. But if there is no church service, you can withdraw here in peace and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life!


Copy Room

If you were more busy chatting or sleeping during the lectures, you can copy all materials from your fellow students here (provided they did not chat or sleep with you). But even better: The copier is also connected to the internal network. That means you can use it as a printer (and scanner!) and don’t necessarily need your own in your room.


When the handle in the wardrobe only reveals the useless and the mountain of laundry is almost impossible to conquer, then it is time to pay a visit to the washing machines in the basement. Four washing machines and four dryers will solve all your clothes problems in no time at a low price. And to avoid traffic jams, you can reserve a time slot on the internal homepage!


Where does the stag roar? At the BeaBar! Every Tuesday during the semester we have a bar night for our residents. Here it is easy to get to know Hubertus and the other dormitory residents!

Music Room

You play an instrument but you are worried about getting on the nerves of the other residents with daily practice? Luckily we have the music room in the basement: Here you can practice, practice and practice again.

Beach Facility

Especially in summer a highlight: The beach volleyball court! Fun and games are guaranteed not only at the beach volleyball tournament, but also on all the other sunny days of the year – just grab a couple of roommates and let’s go!


Not from bad parents is also the home workshop. Here, every handicraft enthusiast will find what his heart desires: from the bicycle pump to the grinding machine to the hammer and from the jigsaw to the drill, there is (almost) nothing that is not available.

RSH Roof

We still have a wild card: The roof terrace on the RSH!
Not only on New Year’s Eve it offers a breathtaking view over the roofs of Karlsruhe, no, in summer it is also the perfect place for convivial barbecues with friends! And if it’s too cold for a cosy stay outside, then perhaps table football, table tennis and billiards will entice one or two people up to the roof.

RSH Basement

For our home assembly, Christmas party and dance classes we have another special piece of jewelry: the RSH cellar. It offers enough space for all big home events!