Catering offers


Another too hot summer day?
No problem: The 1st floor in the ABH provides a delicious cooling down.


All you got left is cereal and you're out of milk?
We have a solution for that too: The 6th floor of the ABH has milk in stock for you.


Exam stress? The only thing that helps is nerve food. And you don't even have to leave the house for that: There's plenty of chocolate for everyone on the first floor of the RSH.


Was it too late again yesterday at the floor party
and all that helps is a hangover breakfast?
The 2nd floor in the ABH provides you with pizza.

Drinks service

Thirsty? There is a weekly drinks sale, where floors and individuals can get drinks and refill the floor fridge.

bicycle parts

You have a flat tire?
No problem: From bicycle tube to bicycle chain you can find everything on the 4th floor of the RSH.


Dance Tutorship

Dancing? No, I can’t. Then learn it with us! It’s not so difficult, actually it’s quite simple and on top of that it’s a lot of fun. With us you will learn how to swing your dance leg even more elegantly. Our beginners’ course covers the basic steps and first figures. In the advanced course you will learn more figures, from disco fox to tango, everything is included.

Sport Tutorship

You need a balance after all that studying for college? Then join our running group for a jogging tour through the nearby Trim-dich-path. Furthermore, you have the possibility to borrow mini-football goals, badmintos rackets, frisbees, dumbbells and many other utensils from our sports tutors. Another highlight is our beach volleyball court, where exciting and spectacular matches are played every year. 

Choir Tutorship

You enjoy singing and have not yet found the right opportunity? Or you are looking for musical variety and balance to a learning day? Or you always wanted to sing but have never sung in a choir before? Then you are just right with us. The choir offers you the perfect musical variety in your everyday life.

Guitar Tutorship

You always wanted to learn the guitar? The guitar tutors will show you how to elicit sonorous chords from the guitar. Here you have the opportunity to learn simple guitar fingerings for accompaniment. From beginners to professionals, everyone is welcome, the only requirement is that you bring your own instruments.


Café Gossip Tutorship

You are once again under stress in your studies and just want to relax a little from studying? Then there is only one solution: Café Klatsch on the RSH roof! The offer ranges from numerous café experiences to delicious sweets! In short: Café Klatsch is the most beautiful and pleasant way to have a café, eat a cake and get to know the dormitory and its roommates better.

Last but not least, tutors also ensure that everything runs smoothly with the Internet and
keep the copy room up and running. Well, in order not to blow up the frame, let’s keep it
be good with the enumeration here, the rest of the tutorials you will learn guaranteed
on site. Participation in the tutorials is free of charge – however, the range of offers is only as varied as the residents themselves. So we are already looking forward to your commitment!

Home administration

With 260 inhabitants there is of course a lot to organize. Our home manager, Ms. Brauns, our secretaries, Ms. Niederer and Ms. Paltian, and our caretaker, Mr. Kokott, take on a large part of this.
Nevertheless, we as residents have a great deal of freedom to organise things. The home’s spokespersons act as a link between the management and the residents – one boy and one girl per house. Together with the councils of elders, who are responsible for the control of the home’s spokespersons and the cash audit, and the floor spokespersons, they form the home council, which sets the agenda for the home general meeting. At the general meeting, the concerns of the residents are discussed and, for example, new purchases are decided upon or new tutors are elected. Here you can also get involved with your ideas and help to shape dorm life.


Newcomer meal

So that the acclimatisation on the floor works quickly, there is the newcomer meal. Here, all newcomers to a cane are given the opportunity to demonstrate their cooking skills together for all cane residents.

Tour de Chambre

During the Tour de Chambre, everyone prepares a drink or a snack in their room. Then the whole floor moves from room to room - legendary stories are told afterwards each time.

Floor party

At the floor party the kitchen becomes the bar and the living room becomes the dance floor. Many floors put weeks of preparation into the decoration - so the craft scissors can be packed right away.

In addition, there are many other floor activities, ranging from games and cooking evenings to joint activities like bowling or a visit to Europa-Park. By the way, on many floors, spices, dishes, cleaning utensils and similar things are available for everybody – but as these things don’t buy themselves, there are stick tutors. How it all works will be explained to you by the floor spokespersons – at the latest at the floor meeting, where the purchase of poles is discussed and new tutors are elected.


Newcomer evening

Especially interesting for you as a newcomer should be the newcomer evening. There you will have the opportunity to get to know our tutorials and the "old rabbits" in addition to the other newcomers.

Tour des Etages

In the meantime, the Tour of the Floor has established itself once a semester, in which the individual floors prepare something to drink or eat in the living room and then all move together from floor to floor.

Advent brunch

In the winter semester, all gourmets traditionally look forward to the first Sunday in Advent: the buffet at the Advent brunch on the RSH roof truly leaves nothing to be desired.

But the summer semester also has a lot to offer:  
For example, on 1 May, the hiking boots for the May hike are unpacked and at the glamorous summer ball, fine evening wear is the first choice.
Last but not least, the absolute highlight is the Parking Lot Festival: all dormitories in Willy-Andreas-Allee together put on one of the biggest student open-air festivals in Karlsruhe – with two live bands, all-round catering and a guaranteed great atmosphere!

In the church

The ABH and RSH are Catholic dormitories and are supported by the Catholic parish of Karlsruhe. This is expressed above all in the way we live together – because we not only live next door to each other, but also live together. We respect each other and stand up for each other – in other words, we are Christians in everyday life. But that does not mean that you have to be Catholic to live here. After all, we find the mixture of different ways of thinking and beliefs an important enrichment. We get support from a pastoral worker who helps to develop the pastoral offer in the ABH and RSH together with us and for us and is always open for new ideas. Twice a semester there are church services, which the church service tutors prepare together with the university pastor and the pastoral worker. The services are thus “by students for students” and always take up topics that directly concern us. Attending the services is of course not obligatory.